Breast Cancer: A Personal Story of Recovery, with Rebecca Mayne

On Wednesday 4th December, we were honoured to welcome Rebecca Mayne and her daughter Acacia, both members of the Tormead community. Rebecca shared with us her breast cancer story, detailing her family history of carrying the cancer BRAC1 gene and the screening she undertook. She talked through the discovery of a cancerous lump, and highlighted the ways in which people should check themselves in order to diagnose breast cancer as soon as possible. Rebecca shared with us her experience with chemotherapy treatment and her life changing decision to have preventative mastectomy in order to prevent re occurrence of the cancer. We were all fascinated by the incredible reconstructive surgery she de

An Evolutionary Portrait of Cancer - A very special talk with Professor Sir Melvyn Greaves

Once upon a time, around 700 million years ago, complex, multi-cellular animals evolved. This required a social contract for cellular co-operation that included restraints on a three billion year old capacity and drive for cells to proliferate selfishly. Cancer cells are mutant cheaters in this ancient contract pursuing their own fitness within the body’s habitats at the expense of the well-being of the whole organism. But why is it ‘allowed’ to happen? And why so frequently? And why in children? Google it. It’s fate or bad luck. It’s stress. It’s the bad genes your parents gave you. It’s power lines. It’s somebody’s fault. Or, it’s your fault, stupid. These blame games, scare stories and co

A Trip to The Museum of Military Medicine

On Monday 18th November, a group of Tormead girls from all years set off to The Museum of Military Medicine. The museum tells the story of army medicine and healthcare, both human and animal, from the English Civil War to current day, as Army Medical Services personnel continue to serve across the globe as part of the British Army. We split into two groups for the duration of our visit, with one group firstly exploring the museum with our tour guide and the other attending a workshop (swapping over half way through). Our guide Rob, took us around the whole museum starting from the civil war time to present day. He showed their fascinating collection of artefacts from military medals to a cha

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