Tea with Professor Alasdair Cook - Head of Department of Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health,

On Friday evening, I went along to a networking tea that had been offered by the Tormead Biology Enrichment Programme, KYTOS. It was on the subject of careers in veterinary sciences and we had the privilege to meet and listen to the guest speaker Professor Alasdair Cook, Head of the Department of Veterinary Epidemiology & Public Health, at the University of Surrey. Having ambitions of becoming a vet myself, I was fascinated by the valuable facts we were given, and those skills which we could use whilst we pursue our careers. This included everything from how to answer the inevitable interview questions to dealing with difficult situations in the field. Professor Cook shared a personal suc

Bringing Science to Life -GCSE Science Live! 2015

On the 26th of November, Year 10 visited the Apollo Theatre in London to attend Science Live. This event is run every year for students in the first year of their GCSE syllabus, and is a fantastic opportunity to understand what Science GCSEs involve and can eventually lead to. To start the proceedings, we were taught about time travel, black holes and worm holes by Professor Jim Al-Khalili from Surrey University. Professor Al-Khalili explained the theories and notions in a way that we could understand, and helped us gain a bit of insight into what many scientists are studying today. Following on from Professor Al-Khalili, we had a thought-provoking lecture from Professor Dave Cliff. Profe

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