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A talk by Jessica Thornycroft - Veterinary undergraduate and Ex-Tormead pupil

On Friday 8th February Tormead was delighted to welcome back Jessica Thornycroft, an ex-Tormead student who is currently studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey. A number of girls across multiple year groups enjoyed hearing about Jess's journey from her childhood and Tormead life to where she is now. Jess gave some extremely useful guidance on writing personal statements and veterinary interviews and advised us to always make the most of the opportunities we are offered. It was inspiring to hear how Jess made use of her gap year by working for a veterinary practice, gaining a wide range of experience from looking at the ovaries of a gecko to stitching up the leg of a cat. To get an insight into what her life is like at vet school was very valuable since many of the girls who attended the talk are thinking of going into veterinary in the future. However out of everything the most important message I took away from her talk was that you should never give up on something you really want to do and that failures are part of success.

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