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A trip to the new Body Worlds Exhibition, London

On the 5th of December an excited bunch of Tormead girls travelled to London to visit the new body worlds exhibition. After departing and lunch on the bus everyone gathered in the lobby for a small briefing, and then we were off in the museum! There were various captivating sections with incredible exhibitions teaching us so much about anatomy. It was a very visual and interactive, and it brought many of the things we have learnt to life. Our favourite hands-on exhibits were the blood pressure calculator, where a machine told us our blood pressure and whether it was healthy or not, as well as the CPR resuscitation dummies. Some of the highlights were the growth of foetus’ during the first weeks, where there were real life premature embryos and babies. One of the most complex exhibits was the man on a horse, as it gave us the chance to compare mammal muscles but in different species. The most interesting and impressive display for us was the set of human heart, lungs, intestines, gall bladder and mouth infested with cancer. It showed us how each organ was affected by cancerous cells damaging them. It was such a valuable experience and benefited us all by putting theory into real life displays. Thank you Mr Isaacs for giving us this opportunity!

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