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A Skype call with Professor Dame Sue Black, Forensic Anthropologist

On Tuesday the 5th February, we were lucky enough to get the chance to have a Skype call with Professor Dame Sue Black. Sue is a Forensic Anthropologist who started figuring out her future from the moment she started working in a butchers. She grew up on a farm where her father would hunt animals like rabbits and she would have to skin them. She developed an immunity as such, to sights such as dead animals and their organs. This proved useful since, when she began attending school, her teacher knew she would go on further to study at university. Up until this moment, the thought of university had not crossed her mind. Previously, she has been shadowing a veterinarian nurse which she dreamed would become her future career, but it was her teacher who inspired her to push further. She went on to study Biology at university where she focused on what she enjoyed and did not enjoy. Listing the modules she covered into two categories proved extremely useful and when it came towards the end of her degree, she was able to confidently choose what she wanted to specialise in. After consulting her head of subjects, she decided anatomy was her best option. It was something she both enjoyed and was good at. However, after reaching the module that ensured she would have to dissect a rodent, she struggled. She could dissect anything in the world except for rodents. Having to touch a dead mouse laying in front of her was her biggest fear. After consulting the head on what to do about this since she was unable to attend this course, she was given the option to study forensic identification. She gladly accepted with the knowledge that it did not involve any dead rodents and began her work. Once her final submission was complete, her teachers were very impressed with her work. She went on to do a PhD and become an expert in her field. Professor Black went on to solve many crimes and present her incredible findings as evidence in courtrooms.

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