A trip to the new Body Worlds Exhibition, London

On the 5th of December an excited bunch of Tormead girls travelled to London to visit the new body worlds exhibition. After departing and lunch on the bus everyone gathered in the lobby for a small briefing, and then we were off in the museum! There were various captivating sections with incredible exhibitions teaching us so much about anatomy. It was a very visual and interactive, and it brought many of the things we have learnt to life. Our favourite hands-on exhibits were the blood pressure calculator, where a machine told us our blood pressure and whether it was healthy or not, as well as the CPR resuscitation dummies. Some of the highlights were the growth of foetus’ during the first we

Our first 'Parent and Daughter Dissection Club' sessions - The Heart and Fish Gills

Alice On Friday 23rd November I attended a parent and daughter - dissection session with my mum. After a brief talk on what we would be looking for, we were presented with our specimen for the day - an enormous salmon head. Although we had some slips along the way, we managed to cut the majority of the fish’s gills out intact and then placed them in a beaker of water where they fanned out, showing their delicate filaments. My mum and I saw the entire gill structure, including the gill rakers and the gill arch. We had just removed the eyes when it was the end of the session - the time had gone so quickly. It was an amazing hour and both my mum and I enjoyed it immensely. Emmie On Friday 23rd

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