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A Trip to The Museum of Military Medicine

On Monday 18th November, a group of Tormead girls from all years set off to The Museum of Military Medicine. The museum tells the story of army medicine and healthcare, both human and animal, from the English Civil War to current day, as Army Medical Services personnel continue to serve across the globe as part of the British Army.

We split into two groups for the duration of our visit, with one group firstly exploring the museum with our tour guide and the other attending a workshop (swapping over half way through). Our guide Rob, took us around the whole museum starting from the civil war time to present day. He showed their fascinating collection of artefacts from military medals to a chair in which was believed to be have been used by Queen Victoria to birth her children. We were given an in-depth explanation of the changes that army medicine has seen throughout the ages, and through various wars from the perspective of both humans and animals. It was exciting to see some of the more recognisable medical equipment and compare with to the medical equipment used over 400 years ago. The great strides medicine has taken in development of their army medical equipment and techniques were highly evident throughout the museum. After our time looking around the museum, we were privileged to take part in a hands on workshop about life as a WW1 medic. We were allowed to try on army uniforms from present day and the past, to compare the differences between them. We learnt about the development in technology and innovations within army medicine throughout time, and found it extremely interesting. We all really enjoyed the trip and would recommend for others to go to the museum. It was a wonderful experience for us all and a day to really broaden our horizons and learn more about army medicine and it’s development.

“The trip was amazing, I didn’t realise the difference between modern and old military equipment. A great experience to really understand what it was like to be in those days. I recommend it for all, even if it was a bit squeamish! I would want to go there again!”



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