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The WWF – World Wildlife Fund define ‘biodiversity’ as the variety of life on earth. Ponds are crucial in maintaining biodiversity. Studies have shown that they support more species, including rare species than any other freshwater habitat, and so are of immense ecological value. KYTOS launched a competition in 2016 asking students to design Tormead’s school pond. We received some outstanding entries from all year groups, but the overall winners were Alex and Emma from Year 9. Together, we will embrace the challenge of constructing the winning design and create Tormead's very own ecological haven.


The Tormead Pond has 3 main aims:

To allow ecology practicals to be carried out to enrich Biology lessons

To be a place of beauty to admire within the school grounds; a perfect setting to relax


To aid the conservation of important biological species

Keep checking this section of the website to get the latest news in the pond's development, to see photos during the whole construction process and to learn how you can help by contributing to the brand new Conservation Club Noticeboard (located right next to the new pond)

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