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A trip to the Hunterian Museum, London

On Wednesday the 3rd of May, 30 girls, between year 7 and 10, left school at lunch and traveled by coach to the Hunterian Museum in London. It took just over an hour to arrive there and we were all really excited. The Hunterian Museum is located in the Royal College of Surgeons and was an incredible place to visit. As you entered, there were hundreds of specimen exhibits on display, with a detailed description lying underneath. There were lots of different animal and human specimens throughout the museum. As there are too many to mention, some of our favourite displays and exhibits were the real baby foot with smallpox, babies through different stages of development of the foetus, all the different stomachs from different animals and comparing them, the two-tailed lizard and whale skin. There were also lots of real stories of people that have been saved from life-threatening diseases, which was really inspirational and moving. Our all time favourite exhibit was the foot that had swelled to an abnormal size due to elephantiasis. It was such an amazing experience and we all learned so much! It's a trip we think that everyone should do and it's an experience we will never forget!

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