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Here you will find a selection of videos related to the fascinating world of Forensic Science. This page will be continually updated, documenting new & exciting advancements in the field, real life criminal cases and forensic techniques that are used today.

KYTOS wishes to acknowledge the content creators of all videos listed below, which are used in accordance with the 'fair use' policy

Forensic Voice/Audio Analysis
How Accurate Is Blood Analysis In TV Shows?
How DNA Changed the World of Forensics
Flaws in hair analysis led to convictions
How the Stephen Lawrence case changed policing
Forensic Artistry | Lost Faces of the Bible
The Bone Detective - Gunshots
Britain's CSI School - Footprints
Casting Footwear Impressions
Fingerprints' hidden secrets
George Joseph Smith - Case Study
Forensic Science: Blood Spatter Analysis
Gunshot Residue and The Jill Dando Murder
CSI Special Insects Unit: Forensic Entomology
How to read body language
Inside the FBI's Cyber Division headquarters
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