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Researchers have discovered a new way to track genetically modified animals using the artificial transgenes they leave behind in the environment. The discovery provides a powerful new tool to locate and manage genetically modified animals that have escaped or been released into the wild. Join Mr I to discuss this plus other news stories!

Biology enrichment runs every Orange Week - Monday Lunch time, 1.25-1.45pm in Lab B1


Sessions run from 4.10 - 4.40pm in Lab B1

Problem-based Learning - Solving Patient Cases: Session 12

Join us for this fascinating seminar tackling real-life patient cases; you will need to decide the best course of treatment in each case. 

Beyond the Spec: Skeleton, Bones and Joints (A Science Week Special)

Courtship and The Biology of Flirting

In this seminar, we'll be examining just how important courtship behaviours are, in ensuring the survival of a species - there's a lot more to flirting that you might realise!

Medicine Through Time - Part 3: The Renaissance to Present day

In this final seminar in the series, we will examine how discoveries during the Medical Renaissance from 1400 onwards are credited with paving the way for modern medicine.





Coming soon to MED:SEM

  • Catch Me If You Can - MRR + The Lincoln Index

  • The Biology of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Beyond the Spec: Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

  • Who should care for the elderly?

  • Beyond the Spec: Skeleton, Bones and Joints

  • Beyond the Spec: What happens to CO2 we breathe in?

  • How religion may affect your medical care

  • Beyond the Spec: Courtship behaviours

  • Choosing the right medical school

  • Beyond the Spec: Different Types of White Blood Cell

  • Would digital DNA make you live a healthier life?