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A team of researchers has used a brain-computer interface to reconstruct English words from neural signals recorded in the brains of nonhuman primates. The research, published in the journal Nature Communications Biology, could be a step toward developing brain implants that may help people with hearing loss, the researchers say. Join Mr I to discuss this, plus many other stories!

Biology enrichment runs every Monday, second lunch (1.25-1.45pm) in Lab B1


Sessions run from 4.10 - 4.40pm in Room A

Beyond the Spec: Diseases and Disorders of the Eyes

How does hearing work?

In this seminar, we will discuss the complex anatomical arrangement inside the ear, and explain how sound waves are interpreted in our brains. 

Beyond the Spec: Treating Coronary Heart Disease

Problem-based Learning – Solving Patient Cases: Session 7

Join us for this fascinating seminar tackling real life patient cases; you will need to decide the best course of treatment in each case.

Beyond the Spec: What is a nerve impulse?

Why is Cyanide lethal? The Biology of Enzyme Inhibitors

Not all inhibitors are lethal, in fact, our bodies often require enzymes to be inhibited - but why?








Coming soon to MED:SEM

  • Catch Me If You Can - MRR + The Lincoln Index

  • How unique are fingerprints?

  • Beyond the Spec: Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

  • Who should care for the elderly?

  • Beyond the Spec: Skeleton, Bones and Joints

  • Beyond the Spec: What happens to CO2 we breathe in?

  • How religion may affect your medical care

  • Beyond the Spec: Courtship behaviours

  • Choosing the right medical school

  • Beyond the Spec: Different Types of White Blood Cell

  • Would digital DNA make you live a healthier life?

  • Beyond the Spec: Gas exchange in Fish