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Research from Saint Louis University finds that high fat or "ketogenic" diets could completely prevent, or even reverse heart failure caused by a metabolic process. Results suggest that such diets do not enhance cardiac ketone body metabolism, but rather stimulates fatty acid oxidation, which may be responsible for the improved cardiac remodelling. Join Mr I to discuss this plus other news stories!

2020/21 UPDATE: Biology enrichment runs every Green Week Wednesday, 5-5.30pm on Zoom


Beyond the Spec: Controlling Heart Rate

How religion may affect your medical care

In this seminar, we will examine how religious beliefs affect healthcare plans, from drug therapies and the provision of hospital food to burial rites. 

Beyond the Spec: What actually happens to the Carbon Dioxide we breathe in?

How accurately can devices measure health?

Many of us own purpose-built fitness trackers or have them integrated into our phones, but can they be trusted? How scientifically valid are their results?

Beyond the Spec: Gas Exchange in Fish

How unique are fingerprints?

This seminar is adapted from Forensics Club, and will question the assumption that all of our fingerprints are truly unique.


Sessions run 5.00-5.30pm on Zoom - every Orange Week Wednesday (alternate)







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  • Catch Me If You Can - MRR + The Lincoln Index

  • The Biology of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Beyond the Spec: Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

  • Who should care for the elderly?

  • Beyond the Spec: Skeleton, Bones and Joints

  • Beyond the Spec: What happens to CO2 we breathe in?

  • How religion may affect your medical care

  • Beyond the Spec: Courtship behaviours

  • Choosing the right medical school

  • Beyond the Spec: Different Types of White Blood Cell

  • Would digital DNA make you live a healthier life?