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The WWF – World Wildlife Fund define ‘biodiversity’ as the variety of life on earth. Ponds are crucial in maintaining biodiversity. Studies have shown that they support more species, including rare species than any other freshwater habitat. They are of immense ecological value, and now, as part of KYTOS, you get the chance to design Tormead’s very own school pond.


The Tormead Pond has 3 main aims:

To be a place of beauty to admire within the school grounds; a perfect setting to relax


To allow ecology practicals to be carried out to enrich Biology lessons

To aid the conservation of important biological species

Competition details (read carefully):


  • You can enter by yourself or as a group of people

  • Designs can be done on the computer or by hand (minimum A3 size)

  • Designs will require technical drawings (precise and detailed) with all elements drawn to scale.

  • Entries submitted on computer must have excellent resolution when printed to A3 size.


Deadline and Submission:


  • The deadline for all competition entries is Thursday 24th March 2016 (end of the spring term)

  • Electronic entries must be shared with Mr Isaacs via Google Drive ( Designs done by hand can be given directly to the Biology department.

  • You must complete and submit the ‘Tormead Pond Design Entry Form’ along with your design, justifying your design choices and explaining how your pond fulfils the 3 main aims listed above. Please note those entrants who do not complete the entry form will not be included. Click below to download the entry form:


Selecting the winner:


The 5 best entries will be announced after the deadline, from which a panel of people will then select the winning design. The winner will work closely with the Biology department to bring the Tormead Pond to life, and will have the chance to help put together a fantastic huge display board to accompany it.  Members of the Conservation Club will be offered positions of responsibility associated with the pond. Look out for further details on the KYTOS website.

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