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The purpose:

The job of the Science department is to bring the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics to life; to engage and inspire, to stimulate thought and curiosity. It is therefore important that the working environment reflects this aim. Over 150 students every day walk through the Science corridor on the upper floor of the school. Lining the walls are informative leaflets and engaging posters, but now is the time to embrace change, and breathe new life into the area. There has never been a better time to bring the Tormead community together, to work on a truly collaborative project.

The project:

We are aiming to create a full-length, unique mural, that will cover the entire space between rooms S3 and the Biology prep-room; including side walls, the ceiling and even the floors. This is a massive undertaking, and as such, is being planned throughout the course of the year. The mural will plan to include elements from all three Science disciplines. Whether you are simply passing through the corridor to get to your lessons, or just coming to speak to any of your teachers, the mural will most certainly demand your attention.

The plan:

The first stage will be to gather as many ideas as possible, from students, staff and parents whom wish to participate - this is your corridor, and so it must reflect your passions and interests. You don’t need to be a talented artist to be part of this project; everyone can get involved! Once we have the ideas in place, the necessary drawings and templates will be produced, and the designs transferred to the corridor surfaces. That just leaves the final, and perhaps the most exciting part of the project – the painting! At that point, we will be looking for any willing volunteers to come and join the Science team as we put together our unique corridor mural.


What can you do now?

  1. Visit the ‘Forum’ on the KYTOS website, where there is a dedicated section called ‘Design the Mural’ for you to post your thoughts and suggestions. We will be reviewing all comments, so please do let us know if there is something specific you would like to see – an artistic anatomical image, a creative interpretation of the cosmos, or perhaps a curious chemist, hard at work.

  2. If you feel like being creative and wish to draw some early designs for the mural, please feel free. Paper-based designs can be given to Science Heads of Department, or electronic designs can be sent to


KYTOS will provide updates throughout the year with regards to the mural’s progress. We welcome your support with this exciting initiative. 


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