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‘I profess to learn and to teach anatomy not from books but from dissections, not from the tenets of Philosophers but from the fabric of Nature'.


William Harvey, 1628 (first described the circulation of blood)

The Hunterian Museum, London

Wednesday 3rd May, 2017

KYTOS is pleased to announce our latest Dissection Club trip:

The trip will involve a full tour of the specimens and artefacts on display, including exhibitions of both historical and modern surgical instruments.

The Hunterian Museum (part of The Royal College of Surgeons) boasts unrivaled collections of human & non-human anatomical and pathological specimens, models, instruments, paintings and sculptures, revealing the art and science of surgery from the 17th century to the present day.


We will be leaving school at around 12.45pm and returning at approximately 6.15pm on the day. If you wish to attend, please provisionally sign up using the form on this site. Letters will then be sent home to parents/guardians of the first 30 students who apply. This must be signed and returned by the specified date, with the appropriate payment (approximate cost of £13)

Sign up below - Max 30 places

Please check to make sure you can make this date before submitting your request.

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