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Every Wednesday, First lunch

12.55–12.25pm - Room B1

7 December 2016 (orange week)

14 December 2016 (green week)

4 January 2017 (orange week)

11 January 2016 (green week)

18 January 2017 (orange week)

25 January 2017 (orange week)

1 February 2017 (green week)

8 February 2017 (orange week)


22 February 2017 (green week)

1 March 2017 (orange week)

8 March 2017 (green week)

            Next time at Conservation Club...


Our team of eager conservation enthusiasts are currently putting together our new notice board. Sixth form are busy researching the best locations around school for the new bird boxes, and the lower school are designing their own zoo for endangered animals with 'Zoo Tycoon'. Come along and help out with all of the above!

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