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Machine learning uncovers potential new TB drugs

Using a machine-learning approach that incorporates uncertainty, researchers identified several promising compounds that target a protein required for the survival of the bacteria that cause tuberculosis.

Ketogenic diets can prevent or reverse heart failure caused by metabolic process

Diets enriched with higher levels of fat but enough carbohydrate and protein to limit ketosis were also able to significantly improve or even prevent cardiac remodelling and dysfunction in a mouse model. These studies suggest that consumption of higher fat and lower carbohydrate diets may be a nutritional therapeutic intervention to treat heart failure.

Ancient Viruses Benefitted Human Biology. They Can Also Help Us Understand The Current Pandemic.

Living through a pandemic means thinking of viruses like COVID-19 as threats. But sometimes microorganisms can actually be beneficial to human biology.

The consequences of mating at the molecular level

Researchers identified a novel mechanism by which mating affects the behavior of germline stem cells (GSCs). By studying Drosophila melanogaster, the researchers showed that the neurons that are activated during mating result in increased intracellular calcium signalling in cells adjacent to GSCs, which in turn resulted in the activation of the protein matrix metalloproteinase to increase GSCs. This study describes how stem cell behavior is regulated by environmental cues.

Natural killer cells also have a memory function

Good news for the human immune system: researchers have managed to ascribe an immunological memory function to a subset of cytotoxic NK cells, which have hitherto been regarded as antigen-non-specific.

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