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Bees will die as ministers approve toxic banned pesticide for second time, warn experts

Ministers have given the go-ahead for farmers to use a banned bee-harming pesticide in England for the second year running. The government went against the advice of its own scientific advisers, who said they did not see the justification for applying the neonicotinoid to sugar beet this year.

Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Drug mimics beneficial effects of fasting in mice

An investigational cancer drug that starves tumours of their energy supply also shows evidence of improving whole body metabolism, leading to improved weight control, according to a new study in mice.

Image by Stephen Leonardi

Muscular study provides new information about how the largest dinosaurs moved and evolved

New research led by the University of Bristol has revealed how giant 50-tonne sauropod dinosaurs, like Diplodocus, evolved from much smaller ancestors, like the wolf-sized Thecodontosaurus. In a new study published today in the journal Royal Society Open Science, researchers present a reconstruction of the limb muscles of Thecodontosaurus, detailing the anatomy of the most important muscles involved in movement.


Scientists find unknown jumping behavior in insects

The previously unrecorded behavior occurs in the larvae of a species of lined flat bark beetle (Laemophloeus biguttatus). Specifically, the larvae are able to spring into the air, with each larva curling itself into a loop as it leaps forward. What makes these leaps unique is how the larvae are able to pull it off.


Mouth-breathing: Why it’s bad for you and how to stop

Breathing through your nose has long been considered superior to breathing through your mouth. ‘Mouth-breather’ has been used as an insult for a stupid person since at least 1915, and people who do it are sometimes said to be unattractive. But while training yourself to breathe through the nose might not make you beautiful and smart, it could have very real impacts on your health, from your teeth to your fitness.