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Drug that can slow Alzheimer’s disease could soon be available to millions

A drugs company is hoping for approval to roll out a treatment that could slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. US pharmaceutical giant Biogen said ‘significant’ results of a medical trial could prove to be a landmark step toward successfully controlling the most common form of dementia.

Bioprinting: Living cells in a 3D printer

A high-resolution bioprinting process has been developed: Cells can now be embedded in a 3D matrix printed with micrometer precision - at a printing speed of one meter per second, orders of magnitude faster than previously possible. Tissue growth and the behaviour of cells can be controlled and investigated particularly well by embedding the cells in a delicate 3D framework.

Resistance to last resort drug arose in patient over 3 weeks

French investigators have described development of resistance to one of the last resort therapies used to treat extremely drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa. That resistance arose in a single patient over a scant 22 days. They subsequently identified the single nucleotide mutation in P. aeruginosa that caused the resistance.

Exploring the effect of fasting on age-related diseases

There are many indications that fasting promotes longevity. In recent years, much attention has been devoted to so-called caloric restriction mimetics (CMRs), substances that simulate the health-promoting effects of fasting without the need of life-style change. A study reports the identification of a novel candidate CRM. The substance may prove useful in the further research for the treatment of age-related diseases.

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