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At this stage, we want you to vote on which animal/s to adopt for the forthcoming year. If you click on each of the photos, you'll be directed to a website giving you more information about the animal and important work being carried out to protect it. KYTOS will announce which one/s the school voted for at a later date. As an added bonus, the Conservation Club will receive regular updates about the animals we have chosen to adopt, informative magazines, stickers, bookmarks, cuddly toys and other items which will help us embrace this initiative.


Conflict with humans and the rapid destruction of habitat has meant a sharp decline in number of many of our precious species. Adopting an animal is just one initiative that can help prevent their permanent extinction. The money raised is used to fund projects with local communities to monitor animal movement, to protect their habitat from degradation and destruction and to ensure that animals are protected from hunters and poachers.  


Tormead’s Conservation Club will be raising money through a number of special events during the year. Some of those funds will be donated to various conservation projects around the world, some will be used to develop our own conservation projects at school, including the Tormead Pond and some will be used to support the ‘Adopt and Animal’ initiative.


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