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If any of the quizzes do not load properly, simply refresh the webpage you are on 

The Role of Lipids / Triglycerides and Phospholipids / The Emulsion Test

How to extract DNA from a Strawberry (a step-by-step guide with apparatus)

Chemical Digestion - for IGCSE (contains relevant information to this topic)

Antibody Structure, Monoclonal Antibodies and their use in diagnosis (reference only)

The Difference between DNA and RNA (for reference only)

Enzymes - The Basic Principles (for IGCSE, A-Level and IB)

Regulating Enzyme Activity via Inhibitors / Allosteric Enzymes (for reference only)

The Benedict's Test for Reducing Sugars (suitable for IGCSE)

The Five Key Chemical Food Tests - for IGCSE

DNA - The Structure, Bonding, Function and Storage (suitable for AS and A2 also)

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